Newborn Favorites—Arlo

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Arlo—One Month

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Stairs Update

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We have finally gotten the basement stairs to a finished state.

Let’s rewind 3 years (holy cats, 3 years!). Shelby and I worked in the pantry while Josh was hunting in Canada. I updated the shelves and painted all the trim white, and I left the stair treads, because I just wasn’t quite sure what I would do with them. I guess that decision took 3 YEARS!



In the first picture you can see the bottom shelf intact. When I was replacing the shelves, I noticed that the floor continued all the way to the back wall. Josh and I decided to take that shelf out completely to give us a little more room vertically and Josh went ahead and installed matching trim around the back of the space to make it look a little more finished.


When the trim was installed and painted, we replaced the existing orange FLOR tiles with new blue ones and also installed them on the stair treads. We secured them with construction adhesive, and Josh throw a couple small nails in too near the risers to be safe. Those things aren’t going anywhere.



Are you wondering way the bottom two stairs are red? I didn’t order incorrectly, that is the hockey bench and penalty box.


Hitting the Links with Warner

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Warner’s golf game has made some amazing progress this summer. He’s been hooked on the game since early this spring when I got him a set of plastic Snoopy themed clubs. He now asks every day to either “play golf” or “go golf course.”

In early March, Warner stared swinging his Snoopy club one handed. He was pretty excited to hit the ball!


By May, he was hitting dozens of balls per day.


For his second birthday, I bought him the shortest set of US Kids Golf clubs which included a putter, driver, and seven iron. I thought he was getting strong enough to swing a real club with two hands…he certainly was.


He took to putting naturally (must have been all the golf we have on TV on the weekends). He has a great attitude, whenever he misses the putt he says, “almost” and tries again.


On August 7th, he made a 15ft putt at Gross National Golf Course in northeast Minneapolis.


By the end of the summer, he had this golf thing mastered. He routinely flies (foam) balls from the top of the hill in our backyard down the bushes planted behind the house. He hits some “big shots,” some “baby shots” and tries to hit balls into the “owl house” (it’s a hole in the big tree in our backyard — he saw Dad do it once and has been fixated on it since).


Arlo Joshua Tubbs

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Arlo Joshua was born Saturday, October 3rd at 11:41am. He weighed in at 9 pounds 7 ounces and measured 21.5 inches long. He has been a really good baby for us so far, eating and sleeping well. Warner is adjusting well, and has even decided to share one of his hockey sticks with Arlo.

Closet Turned Nursery

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We have finally finished converting the small open room off our bedroom from a closet to a nursery. We had never done anything permanent in here just in case we ever needed the space for this reason.

First, we had never painted the trim, just the walls, so we went ahead and freshened it up. Man, was it grimy!


The trim got a fresh coat of the usual, Ben Moore Swiss Coffee, and then the wall got updated to the same creamy color already in Warner’s room.


Next came the new rug. I ordered the Fair Isle rug from Dash and Albert in French Blue and it is awesome. We also purchased another crib. It’s the same crib we bought for Warner from Walmart, however the dark blue had been discontinued, so we went with the white version. Last, we moved the yellow rocker from Warner’s room into the Nursery.

I think that means we’re ready for Tubbaby II!

Finish Basement…Check!

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It’s done! We last left off with the walls having just been sheet-rocked.

Josh primed and painted all the walls. The color is Benjamin Moore Morning Dew and it just happens to be the same color we used in the Upstairs Hall, Office, and Pantry and Basement Stairs. The cool thing about the color is that it looks great with the white trim and the oak trim and it looks different in each space.

Josh then installed both doors—one for the laundry room and one for the storage room. After that he was able to spend one of his friday mornings off installing all the baseboards and trim around the doors. Then I got to help out with the smaller decorative trim on all the woodwork. It was good to work together to make sure we got all the angles right.



Josh and I tag-teamed the finishing work. He primed the woodwork and stained the doors, and I did the finish coats of paint on the woodwork and door frames. The trim is our good old standby Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

Then we were finally ready for carpet! It was installed on Wednesday.


Josh’s wood wall is the star of the show.



We moved the Minnesota flag from Warner’s room down here, and we’ll use it to cover up some of that exposed electrical on the east wall.


It didn’t take long after the carpet was in for the large toys to migrate down, and the TV to get set up. I’m looking forward to getting a sofa and Josh is really looking forward to pulling out all his hockey and golf paraphernalia.

BNSF Family Day

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At the end of June we were invited to the BNSF Family Day in Fridley by Ryan’s step-dad Dave.


Warner was pretty into the blue engine that they applied a face to, to look like Thomas.


It was fun to see some of the trains up close. They had a couple engines open so you could go in them.


Needless to say, we’ve had our wooden tracks up and trains out at home a lot since the Family Day!

So This Happened…

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Two weeks ago, a heavy storm came through and knocked this large branch right onto our electric and internet lines and ripped them off the house. The power was restored 3 days later, but the internet still hasn’t been reconnected.

CenturyLink has us on the schedule for Tuesday, so I’ll finally be able to post again. Luckily today were at my parents house, with internet, so there may be a few more updates posted later…We have some catching up to do.

2 Year Favorites

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