Tubbaby II

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That’s right. We’re excited to welcome Tubbaby II, due September 30th.


With Warner, we decided to find out his gender and keep it a secret to ourselves. This time around we chose to have the ultrasound technician write down the gender for us and we kept it in an envelop. Then we opened it with some family, last Sunday.


Turns out, Warner will have a little brother!!

Warner — Twenty Two Months

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Looking back:


Happy Birthday Lucy!

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Our first baby, Lucy, turned nine today!



Lucy and Pippa celebrated with Turducken canned dog food for dinner.



And a snuggle from Warner. We love this girl soooo much.

Out with the Old, In with IKEA

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Projects. We’ve got some going on right now, but we have one finished.

Previously, we had a small table in our kitchen nook. Josh and I used to use it, but lately it had just become a place to drop my purse and collect mail and junk. Here’s what it looked like:


We decided to ditch our kitchen table and install cabinets. We purchased 12 15×30 cabinets that are 12 inches deep. Two of the cabinets even have drawers which is quite the treat. I only have 5 drawers in the original kitchen, so I’ve doubled them now!


On the left we have 9 of the cabinets that go pretty much floor to ceiling. I haven’t even filled all the space yet, but most of our back pantry has been moved here (that’s another ongoing project…). On the right, we hung 3 cabinets and created a small counter top. This is where the toaster, dog food, and a couple other small appliances have moved to.


The cabinets have a beadboard finish so they don’t match our other cabinets, but they are fairly close. I also ordered the same hardware I used in the rest of the kitchen, so it would look as cohesive as possible.

The depth of the cabinets is perfect and still allows enough space to access and enjoy the window. We’ve created an area that is so much more usable and functional than before and are so excited about it!

Warner—Twenty One Months

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SoCal Golf

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No trip to a warm climate would be complete without a few rounds of golf. Our trip to Palm Springs was no different.

With 124 courses the Palm Springs area I had no shortage of options. I chose to play PGA West, home of the PGA Tour’s Humana Challenge. I played the Stadium course, ranked in the top 100 courses in the world and the 4th hardest in the United States.

There was a college tournament going on at the same time on another course on the property. I rubbed elbows with the college guys as I warmed up on the driving range between the Oklahoma State and Stanford teams.

The course was a lot of fun, with water, mounds and views of the nearby mountain range.


My second round of the trip required a two hour drive to San Diego where I played the Torrey Pines South Course. The South Course hosts the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open annually and hosted the US Open in 2008. The Farmer’s had just ended 12 days prior to my visit, and they were still working to break down the tents and grandstands from the tournament. It was fun to play a tournament course complete with grandstands.

The course is perched on the bluffs along the Pacific. If I wasn’t hitting a golf shot I was usually turned looking at the ocean and the paragliders that frequent the bluffs.



On the 18th hole, home of Tiger’s epic playoff forcing putt in 2008, I almost recreated history. I set myself up 12 feet under the hole, (not like Tiger who left himself a slippery downhiller) but just lipped out for birdie. I had my Tiger like celebration all planned out, instead I was left with a tap in par that capped off a great day.


Skating with Warner

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Warner has been really into hockey for quite some time now. Every morning starts with eating a waffle on the couch with Dad while watching NHL Network, by request. Every evening ends with a game of mini sticks in living room followed by a hockey themed bedtime story.

Sometimes we even wear our hockey equipment indoors.


On February 7th, Warner hit the ice for the first time. He loved getting his skates on and wearing his helmet. He can’t take strides or stand on his own on the ice yet, but he had a good time skating with Dad.


IMG 2175 from jvtmpls on Vimeo.

We’ve gone a couple times since then, with each session ending in tears when it’s time to take the skates off.

Warner—Twenty Months

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Looking back:


We went to Palm Springs!

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Why Palm Springs? Well I actually really wanted to visit there when we lived in California and we never got the chance. When Josh and I were thinking of where we could jet off to, to get away from the cold for a bit, we didn’t want it to be expensive and we wanted it to be warm. Palm Springs fit the bill perfectly. I found a good deal online and we booked it.


On our flight out, we flew over part of the Grand Canyon. We didn’t see the large canyon, just these small tributaries. Then after we landed, we went straight to the nearest In-N-Out Burger for dinner. It was awesome.

Our accommodations at the Riviera Palm Springs were very nice. This is one of the pool areas that had gas fire pits going at night. At night the temperature would dip significantly, so I’m sure these get a lot of use.


The Resort has a lot of cool history. Irwin Schuman fashioned the resort after major Vegas hotels like The Sands, The Flamingo, and The Stardust. It opened in 1959, and became the go-to hot spot for celebrities and sophisticates like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, who would lounge by the pool and in the Presidential Suite. Elvis Presley was a frequent visitor at The Riviera and sought both refuge and rehearsal space in the Mediterranean Room for his band before leaving for tours and shows in Las Vegas.

On Tuesday, Josh golfed at PGA West’s Stadium course. I’ll let him do his own post about that.

Wednesday, we hopped into the car and headed for Joshua Tree National Park. Yes, Josh has his own tree! and park!


This is near the north gate in Joshua Tree. We got there around 10am. and it was still cool, but the sun heats up pretty quickly!



This is Skull Rock. We hiked a 1.5 mile trail to get here only to find out that the rock is right next to the main road and you can just park quick and get out and see it. Thanks National Park Service guide.


Arch Rock. This park was pretty fun because unlike other national parks, there are no roped-off areas or official trails, so you can just climb right on the main attractions.


Cholla Cactus Garden.


After a long day in the car on Wednesday, we stayed in Palm Springs Thursday and bought tickets for the Aerial Tramway. To ride the tram you first have to drive up to Valley Station (elevation 2,643 feet). There you park and take 1 of the 2, 80 passenger rotating trams on a 10-minute, 2.5-mile ride, to the Mountain Station (elevation 8,516 feet). The 2 trams always take turns, so when one is going up, another is coming down.


At the top you can see the entire Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area).


It’s also cool. While temperatures in the valley were 85˚ most of the week, it was 55˚ at the peak. We were just wearing long sleeves, but we saw many people wearing winter jackets!

Friday, we hit the road again. This time to San Diego! It’s about a 2 hour drive and Josh really wanted to golf at Torre Pines in La Jolla. I’ll let Josh include that in his golf post, but what I will include is this.


A classic roadside attraction, the Cabazon Dinosaurs. Just 2 random dinosaurs out in the desert that you can pay money to go into.

We spent our last day on Saturday doing a self-guided tour of mid-century modern architecture in the city. These are a couple favorites:

The Edris House


A designated Class 1 Historic Site by the city of Palm Springs. Everything in the home remains original except the carpeting and furniture. It embraces the hillside epitomizing architect E. Stewart Williams’ guiding principle that architecture should come from the earth rather than being placed on it.

Kaufmann Desert House (my favorite)


Another designated Class 1 Historic Site by the city of Palm Springs, and the crown jewel of their mid-centruy collection of homes. The Kaufmann Desert House was commissioned by Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr., a Pittsburgh department store tycoon as a desert retreat from harsh winters and built in 1946. It was made famous by the 1947 photos by Julius Shulman. A decade earlier, Kaufmann commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build Fallingwater in Pennsylvania (wow!). It is one of modernism’s most celebrated sites and arguably the most well known work of legendary Austrian-American architect Richard Neutra.

The site, nearly 2 acres in size, contains many original specimens of cactus from the original 1949 landscape design by Patricia and “Cactus Slim” Moorten and is one of the last larger estates in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood. After Kaufmann died in 1955 and the home went through several owners including singer Barry Manilow and San Diego Chargers owner Eugene V. Klein, and had several renovations. The home was impeccably restored over 4 years and completed in 1997. The restoration project’s attention to detail is exemplified by the reopening of the exact 1945 vein of a Utah quarry to source identical sandstone that had supplied the dwellings’ original construction.

The home was sold on May 13, 2008, for $15 million at auction by Christie’s as a part of a high-profile sale of contemporary art, however the sale later fell through, as the bidder breached terms of the purchase agreement.

Josh and I had a great time in the California desert, but after being away for a few days in the sun, we were ready to get home to see Warner and the girls!

Cleaning Up the Laundry Room

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In 1923, our laundry room was outfitted with a four foot long cement and cast iron laundry sink. In 2015 it was removed in pieces in a five gallon bucket. I had wanted to consolidate the space we were using for the utility sink, washer and dryer for quite a while. After borrowing Ryan’s 16 pound sledgehammer I had the tools I needed.


Two hours after I had begun, I had the sink removed and cleaned up and the wall behind cleaned up using a wire brush. It was sad to see the old original sink go. While we really liked it, we also really like having more efficient use of space.


I was able to reuse the original faucet, which made the job pretty easy and the new sink installed very quickly.


Last Friday I painted the back wall. Saturday, Wayne and I ran electrical and a new gas line. Then, we moved the washer and dyer into their new positions.


All this effort in the basement is eventually leading to a more finished space for a family/playroom.